Specialist Machinery

Pasquali Alpine Tractor

  • This 56hp tractor is powerful yet compact.
  • The tractor has a central oscillating joint so that the front and rear axles can follow the undulations of the ground independently. Along with 4 equal sized wheels, a low centre of gravity and good weight distribution the tractor has great stability and traction – allowing it to be used on steep and rough terrain. It also has a good lift capacity.
  • This tractor is bi-directional. This means the seat and controls can be turned around and the tractor driven backwards. Attachments like the flail mower are then driven ‘in front’ of the tractor.
  • A large number of attachments are available for the tractor – enabling it to be used for a wide variety of tasks.


Vermeer S650TX Skid Steer

  • A strong and highly productive machine
  • A large number of attachments available – enabling the machine to be used for a wide variety of tasks.
  • Compact and highly manoeuvrable – enabling it to access and manoeuvre in narrow/small spaces.
  • Very good traction and low ground pressure of only 3.6psi – enabling it to work on difficult terrain – great for wet, sensitive sites.


Agria Taifun

  • A powerful pedestrian machine designed for commercial use.
  • With flail and cutter bar attachments – able to cut large amounts of heavy vegetation.
  • Able to work on land which is difficult to access, e.g., steep, wet, enclosed – where larger machines cannot cope.