• Woodland Gates and Fencing

    We were asked to create a new boundary in a woodland. To do this we cleared vegetation and then installed several timber gates, a post and rail fence and a post and wire fence.

  • Path Improvement Work

    We were asked to improve the path network on a steeply sloping woodland site. This involved clearing vegetation and removing fallen trees, using a mini excavator to create new paths and widen and flatten existing paths and installing steps on steep sections.

  • Tractor and Flail Collector

    We have recently invested in a flail collector. Having the ability to cut and collect material is ideal for conservation grasslands and amenity areas. The photos below show the tractor and flail collector being used for a meadow ‘cut and collect’ on a nature reserve.

  • Fencing

    We have recently installed approximately 1500m of fencing on a nature reserve. We cleared large amounts of vegetation to open up the fence line and then used the skid steer and alpine tractor and post driver to install the fence. Our Protech post driver is a recent investment and has proved very capable.

  • Tree Thinning

    We were asked to halo thin larch trees which were growing close to veteran beech trees. This work required us to fell tall trees, often into very small gaps! Occasionally we had to use winches for winch assisted directional felling and winching hung up trees.




  • Woodland Work

    Over the past few winters we have been clearing woodland along track/ride edges to create a greater diversity of habitats for wildlife. This work involves clearing often dense understorey vegetation, then felling and processing trees and extracting the timber.

  • Boardwalk

    We were asked to build a boardwalk in a very boggy area. The soft ground was deep and would not have supported stakes driven into the ground. We therefore constructed a ‘floating’ boardwalk. We felled several alder trees growing near to the boardwalk. We chose alder as it is very resistant to rot in wet conditions. We used this timber as bearers, upon which we constructed the boardwalk.


  • Tractor and Flail

    The new tractor and flail are proving very capable. The photos below show the tractor being used on a woodland site. The site is steeply sloping and the growth was very heavy. The tractor and flail both coped well.

  • Bridge

    We have recently built and installed a 7m timber bridge, sitting on concrete bank seat pads. The bridge has been designed and installed as part of an ‘easy access’ route which is step free.

  • Pasquali Alpine Tractor

    We have recently invested in a specialist alpine tractor with flail mower attachment. Read more here.